Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maypo's Amazing Sunflower.

This is what Maypo wrote about sunflowers.  The sunflower grows tall.  Sunflowers make me happy.
The petals look like the sun.  The flower's petals are yellow.  Words gifted to child by teacher.  These are the stunning sunflowers Maypo created on kidpix.  Sorry to keep you waiting but we shall soon be posting Maypo's stunning sunflowers.

John's Brilliant Painting of a Flower.

This is the colourful flower that John painted on our visit to Youth Town.  This is what he
wrote about his visit.  First I drew a flower.  After that we painted the background yellow and then
painted the flower.   The words were gifted by the teacher.

Lyi-Sorn's Sunflowers.

This is what she wrote about sunflowers.  At Youth Town I drew a sunflower.  It was beautiful.  The
flowers and petals were beautiful too.

Troy's Sunflower.

This is what Troy wrote about his enormous sunflower.  I like sun flowers.

Lenard's beautiful Sunflower.

This is what Lenard wrote about his sunflower.  The sunflower is big and yellow.