Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Troy's Goals for Term 4


  1. Hi Troy

    Good Goals For Term 4 i think you could
    fix the mistakes you do in your,writing,
    reading and maths.

    Hope you acheive your goals

    From Stevenson

  2. Hi troy

    good-work for term 4. good on you for fixing up your mistakes on writing keep it up .

    1. Hi Troy .how are you today I miss all of you.s A you.s okay I might come to see yous again over there.send my love to everyone in room 2. And Mrs Blake .It is borinng at I am already at australia I was crying when I frst came send my love to wild and miss king I love all of yous from room2 I love you Mrs blake Love you so much you are the best teacher in the world.

      Love from sina togipau

    2. Hi Sina
      Thank you for writing a message for Troy. We all miss you too, Sina. I am sorry that you are finding it boring, I am sure once you have made new friends at school you will have lots more fun. We all love you too, sweet girl.
      Big hugs and love
      Mrs Blake

  3. that sounds funny but good try i no that it is hard for
    you so good job man give me a comeuter high five


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